Best way of learning

Do you want to learn something new today?

One of the most effective and easiest way to learn something new is watching video training courses and tutorials.

What do you want to know?

Access, Bootstrap, Git, SEO, AngularJS, AutoCAD, SQL, C#, JavaScript, Unity, Node.js?

There are a lot of well build training materials on the internet you can learn from the beginner level to the advanced ones. You only need a dedicated video player to maximize the effectiveness.

MoocPlayer is a dedicated video training and tutorial player with a seamless note taking functionality and powerful importing features.

Start learning in just 10 minutes. Here is a short step by step guide how to get the most out of video training courses and tutorials:

Import course from your local drive or use the Import YouTube playlist function. You can also Find course by browsing the course catalog

Local import
YouTube playlist import
Select course from catalog

Watch the selected video tutorials and take notes any time you want. Later your notes help you to rewatch any important topic.

Build a professional know how catalog from your tutorial notes and check them whenever you need.